F-Town Group

The Nexus
Feb 23, 2010

As the party descends the stone stairs a huge roar sounds out and dust billows into the cavern below. Tremors send a few of the party members tumbling to the ground below, but they had descended far enough that the damage was minimal. The sound of combat is heard from the tunnel which belched out the dust. The party charges to the attack. They enter a corridor where an Orog champion and his orc allies have beaten a single dwarf. Hoping to prevent the dwarf’s death they fearlessly attack.

The champion proves to be a fearsome challenge and the party uses most of their resources bringing him down, but eventually they prevail. The dwarf is quickly revived. He reveals his name as Kalad, paladin of Moradin. He says that he was scouting the tunnels below when he came upon the orcs. He knew of the passage to the monastery and a way to seal the tunnels. He came into the chamber after the Orog champion and brought the tunnel down behind him. Kalad has overheard the orcs speaking of a large force sent to the Nexus, the passage which the Farstriders were sent to seal.

Kalad convinces the party to travel to the Nexus to help the Farstriders and the group travels back up to the monastery where they spend several hours resting before setting out. Kalad stays behind to begin final rites for his fallen brethren. With Kalad’s directions the party easily find the vents. Outside the volcanic tunnels they come upon the Farstriders’s horses picketed at an old campsite. They set up their own horses and make their way through the tunnels to the ancient stonework leading to the Nexus.

They make quick work of the first group of orcs but are unable to prevent one of them from summoning help from an adjoining chamber. The party throws caution to the wind and rushes into the chamber themselves. The fighting is fierce as a dark one emissary leads a band of orcs against the party. Finally the party overcomes their foes and survey the room. They find pipeworks leading further into the complex and the decapitated body of Jen, the Farstriders warlock. In her hand is a sending stone. On the emissary’s body they find a brass key.

Pressing on the party overhears what seems to be a jubilant celebration. Martine scouts ahead and finds a group or orcs celebrating as a cave troll chews on the remains of the rest of the Farstriders. The party leap forward to prevent further desecration of the heroes’ bodies and in their righteous anger make short work of the troll and the orcs. After a quick pause to catch their breaths the party pushes further on toward the Nexus.

At the end of the chamber they are in the party comes to a heavy steel door which opens into the Nexus, a huge chamber with a tower in the center rises nearly one hundred feet to the ceiling. heavy pipes lead to the tower and another valve stands before them. They open the valve, releasing nearly boiling hot water into the chamber and begin a mad dash to stay ahead of the rising water and make their way to the top of the tower. More orcs emerge from side tunnels aiming to prevent the sealing of the Nexus, but the party quickly slays them.

After two such groups are downed Commander Tusk, writer of the note found several weeks ago on the goblin hexer slain in Rivernroar, and his adviser, the Shadar-kai witch Myrissa, step from a tunnel ahead of the party along with two orc bolthrowers. Another fierce fight ensues as the party tries to stay ahead of the rising water and defeat the creatures. As Tusk falls, the party scrambles up the ladder at the top of the tower and seals the shaft behind them.

They climb down to the site where their horses are picketed and return to Penhaligon. They are recognized at the gates and escorted to Lady Penhaligon. She informs the party that the Free Riders have also returned and report success in sealing the third mountain pass. She is grieved at the loss of the Farstriders but thrilled that the party was able to complete not only their assignment but that of the fallen band of heroes as well. She informs them that she will send a petition to Duke Stefan to have the members of the party named as Lords of the Court and will see if she can dig up a suitable reward for them. She thanks them for the help and tells them that rooms will be made available at the Gryphon Tea Room at her expense.

Down the Stone Stairs
Feb 9, 2010

As the party approaches the walls surrounding the monastery they spot the smoke of several fires coming from inside. They quickly dismount and picket their horses. Approaching the gate, Pips overhears orcs inside. The party decides to try to bluff their way in.

Pips does some fast talking, convincing the orcs inside the monastery that the party is an envoy sent from Rivenroar with important information concerning Sinruth. The orcs open the sally port in the main gate and the party enter the courtyard. Inside are eight orcs. One of the orcs heads toward the doorway of the monastery. The pc’s launch an attack, taking the orcs by surprise and quickly cut down the creatures. One raider does make it to the doors and, banging the hilt of his axe on the door, warns those waiting inside.

The party charge the doorway, Helmar and Rhogar leading the way. Inside, a group of orcs, led by a witchdoctor, are waiting. A fierce fight ensues in which Pips is dropped before being restored by Helmar’s Healing Word. The inside of the monastery is empty except for the slain orcs. The party locates a stairwell leading down into the mountain’s interior and descend into the Hall of Heroes. In the massive hall they battle with a large group of orcs and orogs who are picking through the remains of the dwarves who fell defending the monastery.

Another tough battle follows. Pips is once again nearly brought down, but Rhogar’s timely intervention saves the half-elf. On the other side of the battle Aaila and Samel use their arcane arts to prevent the party from being flanked. After the battle is finally over the group surveys the room. It is obvious the dwarves were taken by surprise here. After decades of relative quiet, the orcs assault was completely unexpected. The group continues into the depths of the mountain and come upon a stone stairway leading down. Another group of orcs is making its way up the stairs, accompanied by a flying drake. Martine opens fire, dropping the first orc in line and the battle is joined.

The party’s tactical advantage and the higher ground make short work of the orcs, several of whom plunge to their deaths off of the stairs. After the orcs are slain the group begins to make its way down.

Stone stairs
To Penhaligon
Feb 2, 2010

After deciding to travel to Penhaligon to answer Lady Arteris’ call for assistance, the group sets out on the four day ride west. A day and a half’s ride east of the city, the group came upon a group of orcs who were ransacking the remains of a merchant train they had pillaged. After a hard fought battle, during which Rhogar was momentarily dropped, the party overcame the orcs. Samel recognized them as belonging to the Red Feather Clan, which hadn’t been spotted out of the Black Peaks for decades. A quick search of the remains of the merchants revealed them to be members of House Radu’s merchant’s guild. The group built a hasty pyre for the remains and continued on toward Penhaligon.

Penhaligon itself was very crowded as farmers fled the rumors of an orc invasion and adventuring bands journeyed to the city seeking a chance for fame and fortune. Rhogar and Helmar took the Consortium lock box to the offices of the merchant group and then informed an official of House Radu about the massacred merchant train. Meanwhile, Pips, Aaila, Samel, and Martine sought out rumors in the streets. They spotted the Farstriders, a famous adventuring band, in a local tavern and chatted briefly with them.

Eventually the entire group made its way to the town hall where they were taken into an audience with Lady Penhaligon. She read the letter of introduction written by Troyas and explained the current situation. Her scouts in the Black Peaks have been reporting huge gatherings of orcs and other humanoids massing for a likely assault into the Duchy. She was planning to hold a city meeting in two days time to recruit adventurers to travel to three separate passes from the Black Peaks to help seal the way and stop the massing army. The party’s news that some orcs are already on this side of the passes has changed things. Along with the Farstriders and the Freeriders, the party is asked to undertake a mission to one of the locations. The party is sent to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain northeast of Threshold to inform the Dwarves there of the impending danger.

The next morning the group sets out and soon arrives at the massive, black walls of the monastery…

Return to Rivenroar
Jan 26, 2010
After meeting with Eoffram Troyas, the group decided to return to Rivenroar to cleanse the undead threat permanently. Aaron was met by an old friend, Martine, who informed him that he was needed back in Rockhome for family business. The human then offered to take Aaron’s place in the group. A dragonborn sorcerer named Samel also joined the party.

The group returned to Rivernroar and encountered a group of zombies and ghouls which they quickly dispatched. In the same room they discovered the body of Kartenix. Exploring further, they discovered the spectral form of an ancient knight who told them that all the undead in the castle were trapped until their former master, the Lord Rivenroar, was slain and the Altar of Vecna which granted him his power was destroyed.

The party pressed on and soon encountered the Lord and his undead minions. After a fierce battle the group continued further into the catacombs. They found an ancient chapel dedicated to many evil gods and fought a group of zombies. After the zombies were destroyed Helmar smashed the altar and spoke prayers over the remains.

The group then made its way back to Brindol. There they learned that the Lady Arteris Penhaligon was calling for adventurers and brave souls to come to her cities’ aid. Penhaligon has received word that Bordrin’s Watch, which holds an important pass from the Black Peak Mountains, has been under increasing pressure from orc and goblin attackers. The party decide to ride for Penhaligon to see if they can aid the city and to return the lock box they found in Sinruth’s room.

The Story Continues
Jan 19, 2010
The party made its way down the long, dark stairs and encountered a room full of hobgoblins supported by a pair of spitting drakes. As they battled, the enemies were joined by a goblin hexer which promptly blinded Rhogar. The dragonborn warrior launched into a brutal assault fueled by his anger of the mystical attack and together with Helmar dropped the hexer.

In an adjoining room the group found a chained goliath named Grond. Pips picked the locks holding the chains and Grond explained that he was serving with the guards at Brindol and was captured by the goblins. He said the young boy, Thurran, had recently been dragged away and he heard mention of a wight from the goblins. In the same room the group found the remainder of the artifacts stolen from the Hall of Great Valor. They also discover a large lock box labeled “Elsir Consortium – Overlook.”

The party continued on its way, hoping to prevent the death of Thurann. They encountered two chillborn zombies blocking a narrow corridor down which they could hear eerie chanting and screaming. After a brutal battle which left them dramatically weakened, they pushed into the next room. In this room a wight was performing an evil ritual over Thurran. Bravely, the group attacked and soon stood victorious over the wight’s body.

They convinced Thurann to return to Brindol with them and the group journeyed back to the town where they were met by cheers and heroes’ welcomes. Eoffram Troyas greeted them and promised to meet with them at noon the following day to settle up the rewards for their services. That night and into the next morning Brindol celebrated the return of its citizens and the death of Sinruth

Hexer notes

The Story So Far
Jan 5, 2010
While enjoying themselves at their favorite watering hole, The Blue Parrot, the pc’s were distured by a rude incursion of goblins and hobgoblins. After dispatching the creatures the party ran out into the street where the sounds of more shouting could be heard. There they were attacked by an ogre and more hobgoblins. Once again the heroes made short work of the monsters.

They went looking for the city council to get some information. There they met Eoffram Troyas. After a bit of negotiation the councilman hired the party to track down the raiders to bring back seven kidnapped citizens and some artifacts stolen from the Great Hall of Valor.

The group then interrogated a captive hobgoblin and learned that a hobgoblin warchief named Sinruth was behind the attacks. He was recruiting allies and setting himself up as leader of the next The Red Hand of Doom. He had been using the abandoned Castle Rivenroar as a staging ground for his raids. With the dawn, the group set out to put an end to Sinruth’s attacks.

After an uneventful trek through the wilderness the group came upon the castle at sundown. Waiting til sunrise, they launched their attack. After many fights the group defeated Sinruth and located most of the prisoners. They learned that Kartenix had been killed and two of the others had been taken down below to the undead guardians inhabiting the lower levels of Rivenroar.

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