F-Town Group

Down the Stone Stairs

Feb 9, 2010

As the party approaches the walls surrounding the monastery they spot the smoke of several fires coming from inside. They quickly dismount and picket their horses. Approaching the gate, Pips overhears orcs inside. The party decides to try to bluff their way in.

Pips does some fast talking, convincing the orcs inside the monastery that the party is an envoy sent from Rivenroar with important information concerning Sinruth. The orcs open the sally port in the main gate and the party enter the courtyard. Inside are eight orcs. One of the orcs heads toward the doorway of the monastery. The pc’s launch an attack, taking the orcs by surprise and quickly cut down the creatures. One raider does make it to the doors and, banging the hilt of his axe on the door, warns those waiting inside.

The party charge the doorway, Helmar and Rhogar leading the way. Inside, a group of orcs, led by a witchdoctor, are waiting. A fierce fight ensues in which Pips is dropped before being restored by Helmar’s Healing Word. The inside of the monastery is empty except for the slain orcs. The party locates a stairwell leading down into the mountain’s interior and descend into the Hall of Heroes. In the massive hall they battle with a large group of orcs and orogs who are picking through the remains of the dwarves who fell defending the monastery.

Another tough battle follows. Pips is once again nearly brought down, but Rhogar’s timely intervention saves the half-elf. On the other side of the battle Aaila and Samel use their arcane arts to prevent the party from being flanked. After the battle is finally over the group surveys the room. It is obvious the dwarves were taken by surprise here. After decades of relative quiet, the orcs assault was completely unexpected. The group continues into the depths of the mountain and come upon a stone stairway leading down. Another group of orcs is making its way up the stairs, accompanied by a flying drake. Martine opens fire, dropping the first orc in line and the battle is joined.

The party’s tactical advantage and the higher ground make short work of the orcs, several of whom plunge to their deaths off of the stairs. After the orcs are slain the group begins to make its way down.

Stone stairs



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